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Sleep & Health

It is important to sleep because a lack of regular sleep can have health consequences. Serious problems can arise, including heart disease. Sleeping allows you to rest your body and therefore your cardiovascular system. Without a good night's sleep, the heart and arteries are constantly stressed. Heart disease (heart attack, high blood pressure or stroke) is then more likely to occur in people who do not sleep regularly enough.Poor sleep increases the risk of diabetes, overweight and obesity. Sleep allows fat cells to secrete a hormone that puts the feeling of hunger on hold. Poor sleep will therefore have the opposite effect and stimulate the appetite. Weight gain can then be directly related to lack of sleep. Another consequence of a lack of sleep on health: carbohydrate metabolism is disrupted and thus promotes the onset of diabetes.  Consolidating your memory is one of the health benefits of sleep. Our brain takes advantage of this time to organize and store new knowledge acquired during the day. Sleeping thus contributes to brain development and maturity.