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8 In1 Mandoline slicer cutter

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Multi-functional and versatile, this 9 in 1 Mandoline Slicer, Cutter & Grater is truly a time-saving kitchen tool that certainly lives up to its name!
9-in-1 Mandoline Slicer Cutter & Grater PeekWise
Wouldn't it be wonderful to have a reliable kitchen tool on hand that could be used for almost any task you can think of? Need to drain something? Need to cut something? Peeling? Grate or slice anything? Separating egg whites? This 11-piece Mandoline Slicer Cutter & Grater can do all that and more!
Equipped with 4 interchangeable blades the Mandoline Slicer lets you grate, slice and peel anything! It's easily disassembled and a snap to clean, simply wash the disassembled parts with soap and warm water! The four detachable covers let you strain, drain and separate egg whites. Whether you're a professional cook or a beginner in the kitchen, the Mandoline Slicer can help make any tedious kitchen task fast and easy!
 Made with durable FDA-approved materials
 BPA-free and Eco-friendly
 Grates, slices, and peels vegetables
 Easy to be cleaned and disassembled
 Eliminates the need for cutting board
 Can be used as a storage container
 Save energy and time on food preparation while having fun
 Versatile design helps free up valuable space in your kitchen

9-in-1 Mandoline Slicer Cutter & Grater PeekWise