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Car Armrest Pet

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Protect your pets while giving them the ride of their lives. Whether it be a family outing or just a trip to the pet groomer, this dog car seat fights the bumps and crinkles that come from general transportation. You will no longer have to worry about how long you drive because this car armrest dog seat provides protection for your pet for as long as you need it.
The four-sided walls on our car armrest dog help to absorb most of the shock and noise caused by driving, relieving pressure and stress on your pet as well as removing
some of their anxiety. Seats are equipped with a safety lanyard that can easily connect with the pet's collar, helping to keep the safety of the pet guaranteed.
Washable material allows for simple care, but also allows the seat to last a very long time. Our armrest box Dog carrier has a minimalist style that will fit in most cars and SUVs elegantly, while still offering all of the protection that your dog could need.
Does your sweet little dog or cat demand a fun ride from the front of your car? With a 'safety first' mindset you can cater to your pet's wish by using this portable console carrier! We provide two straps underneath the carrier so that you can securely position the carrier onto your center console. The mini-leash included inside the carrier hooks onto your pet's collar/harness to keep him/her safe. The padded interior of the carrier calms your pet and prevents him or her from thrashing around during bumpy rides. Your pet can easily enter and exit the console carrier using the padded doors in the front. With all these benefits in mind, imagine 
your pet traveling safely while sitting directly next to you!