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Cat & Dog Food Bowl

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At mealtime, most of the Pet Parents place their pet's food bowls on the floor at a lower-level position. This is fine for younger or smaller animals that don't have to dip their necks too low to reach their food, however, it's not optimal for all animals.
Presenting the Furvenzy Food Bowl with Water Fountain with innumerous benefits which will make the process of eating & drinking a lot less messy as your pet can’t push their bowl around the floor and spill their food everywhere.
This Cat & Dog food bowl is Multifunctional as it has a Separation and can be used for snacks, Food & Drinking water, hence it works as a dinnertime feeder. Double dish bowls also allow you to feed two pets simultaneously.
Encourages Slow Eating: Pups known to eat fast can benefit from this ergonomically designed raised bowl as it will slow your little feline down when eating because they have to eat at a more upright position which is more comfortable for Slow Eating.
Reduce Neck Burden: The elevated feeding bowl has the right height, allowing the cat or a dog to eat in a more natural neck position and reducing any neck strain they may be experiencing from having to bend too far down.
The non-tip dog bowls are designed to hold the surface firmly & securely providing it stability which prevents it from tipping & skidding when your pet is eating.
Anti-Vomiting: The bowls are designed in such a manner that it puts a kitty's mouth in a suitable position in relation to its stomach & it helps the kitty to swallow more easily and alleviates their occasional vomiting.
Made of High-Quality Non-Toxic  Plastic, the Furvenzy Food Bowl is a durable product built to withstand wear the tear for a long long time.
Automatic Water Dispenser for Drinking: The product also acts as a Water Fountain and it will refill the water into the water tank automatically keeping it clean & fresh whether you are at home or not. This will keep your pet healthy & hydrated at all times.