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Nursing Pillows

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 Nursing Pillo

Baby Nursing Pillows Maternity Baby Breastfeeding Pillow Infant Cuddle U-Shaped Cotton Waist Cushion
- Versatile design to support baby as she grows and develops from propping, tummy time, and sitting
- Small pillow can adjust the left and right position according to need, and can also be removed as a baby stereotyped pillow
- Comfortably bond with your baby while breastfeeding or bottle-feeding – providing relief for arms and back by lifting baby to a more ergonomic position
The nursing pillow is extremely useful when you are breast-feeding or when the baby wants to take a nap next to you, gentle support for your infant Hook and loop design, the little one can be moved from the large pillow Seat wrap and U-shaped support system hold wigglers securely in place and prevent sliding when baby lounge Ergonomic designed with a small detachable pillow to support newborn's head while feeding Be able as a nursing pillow, waist pillow or a pillow to relieve pressure on neck shoulders and back