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Toilet Seat Baby Boys And Girls Potty

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0=6 years children and anti-slip bars designed to provide a child who is being trained toilet safety guarantee. The base of the potty with an Anti-slip mat increases friction and protects your baby. The maximum bearing capacity is 80 kg. The product can be used as a stool. Equipped with a removable basin, you can easily pull out, it's easy to use and clean. The surface of the potty bowl is smooth which also provides an advantage to easily sweep and clean the potty. The potty chair has a raised splash guard to min accidental spills, and because of the large capacity of the potty chair so urine is not easy to overflow. This potty chair is easy to disassemble and assemble, it will be convenient to clean and take out, and it is portable. You only need to install two handles. Include a baby potty toilet, two toilet chair handles, a small brush