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Electric Heated Vest

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Keep Yourself Warm Whenever, Wherever!

Introducing the unisex warming HEATED VEST, an innovative product that will keep you warm up during the colds

Things have changed now. Thanks to a startup called Hilipert, the time has gone when you had to think twice before going out on a chilly winter day.

Finally, we have a revolutionary secret weapon in this endless battle with the cold…

Introducing Hilipert Unisex Heated Vest, an innovative product that will keep you warm up while staying comfortable during the coldest season.

Never before have we had such a wonder. A stylish jacket that is both comfortable and functional, combining cutting-edge electric heating pads and top-shelf materials, not only offers incredible warmth but also locks in 99% of the heat throughout the day with its extra thickened layer.

On the surface, it looks like just another jacket. But the genius of its design, materials and build quality push these unassuming, though stylish, heated vest lasts you many, many winters.

Hilipert Unisex Heated Vest will be the warmest and thinnest jacket you've ever worn thanks to its remarkably nice, 100% cotton quilted lining. You'll feel like you're wearing a regular wind jacket.
Built-in 4 pieces heating pad in the front and back, and in the collar heats within 3 seconds, spread warmth all around the body, which means more coverage - so you're warmer than EVER!
It can also be powered by a USB-charged battery so you'll never be caught without a connection. (The vest comes with a separate pack behind the left pocket for battery storage. The battery is not included.)
Durable fabrics are water and wind-resistant. It both looks great and feels great to wear, this isn't one of those cheap wind jackets.
All top-notch features are integrated into a stretch-fit design to keep the heat close to your body and for comfortable layering, even under jackets and sweaters.
What Makes Them So Special?
Hilipert works wonders instantly with a simple press of the controller. Heating pads on the back, front, and neck begin to work and within just 3 seconds can reach their top temperatures and start making you cozy and toasty.
The best part is that You can adjust the heat temperature with its three heat levels for your desired warmth.
Once you plug it in, you can keep nice and warm for up to 16 hours!
And that's not all! We were so distracted by how perfectly normal, and very nice, it looked, that we almost forgot to compile what we found amazing about it:
✅ Light and Washable Heating Vest: Made from comfortable and skin-friendly material, keeps your body warm during winter. Can be machine-washed or hand washed.