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Improves gum health more than a manual toothbrush.
U-White. 360° Ultrasonic Automatic Whitening Toothbrush - Convenient, Comfortable, Artificial Intelligence, Automatic.
Gingival massage, restore the pigment in the depths of teeth, quickly cleans stains, effectively removes dirt & dental plaque, promotes blood circulation of the gums, and reduces periodontal disease.
Patented photocatalytic whitening technology paired with patented U-shape toothbrush bristle kills oral bacteria.
360° automatic cleaning. 30 seconds quickly whitens & cleans, 3 times cleaner than normal tooth brushing.
World’s First BASS Qualified & High-tech Automatic Whitening Toothbrush 45-70
  • Completely Safe To Use: The brush is made of 100% food-grade silicone and is allergen-free to allow anybody to use it properly and comfortably

Smart U 360 Automatic Sonic Electric Toothbrush Rechargeable ...

High-grade battery, 30 minutes of wireless charging for 10 days of brushing.
Note: This toothbrush is used for micro cleaning and whitening, not to replace your daily brushing but to compliment for a deeper clean.
A recent study verified something most of us would never admit:  their teeth as doctors recommend. Some forget to do it twice a day. Some are not brushing long enough. Or they even use the brush ineffectively.
Buy 360 Sonic Toothbrush With Cold Light Whitening Online
But even the best toothbrush, used twice (or even three times) a day, will never remove all the bacteria, all the impurities. Every day, the harmful leftovers are damaging your teeth, your enamel, and your gums.

Enjoy a more thorough cleaning

Does U-White clean better than a normal toothbrush?

Yes, U-White cleans deep and between the teeth, where a conventional toothbrush cannot. not going. Ultrasound dislodges dental plaque and bacteria, ensuring hygiene optimal. Is it recommended by dentists? The technology used by U-White is innovative. Recommended by dentists, the brush U-White provides effective brushing in just 60 seconds compared to 3 minutes for manual brushing. Is it an accountant with sensitive gums? The silicone bristles of the U-White brush are softer and kinder to the gums than the nylon bristles of traditional toothbrushes. In addition to better efficiency, they do not attack the gums.