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Eyeliner Seal

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This ultra-black, waterproof liquid liner features our proprietary Flawless-Flick a strong-yet-superfine tip that allows for the ultimate control to build your perfect level of boldness. Powered by Semi-Permanent Micropigment Technology™, this liner delivers smudge-proof pigment with long-lasting wear. So versatile and easy to use, you can achieve all the best-lined looks, from everyday casual to a more adventurous wi
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It can be complicated and tiring to clean false eyelashes applied with glue. And it doesn't get any better with magnetic lashes. When you remove them, some of the magnetic eyeliner comes off your eyelid and stays on the false lash. And then... Good luck cleaning them up. With Waterproof technology, the eyeliner stays on your eyelid and your false lashes are intact. No cleanup is required. Just put them back in your box. Oh yeah, right... And not to spoil your fun, Waterproof is compatible with any false lashes. Even the ones you already have in your vanity.

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 What a great way to save money, right?

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