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Gold Link Pearl

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Trendy and classy, this necklace is a must-have in any jewelry collection. Taking the classic pearl and pairing it with a modern, edgy chain necklace design, these earrings are the right mix of classy and youthful. Ideal for wearing at work, functions, proms, or as an everyday staple. The necklace is made of iron and alloy, while the pendant is an artificial pearl with a golden flower accent at the bottom. The necklace weighs only 18.2g, so won't hurt your neck throughout the day. The chain is 52cm in length, while the pearl has a 1.6cm diameter. Easily secure the necklace by inserting the crossbar on one end through the ring on the other end of the chain, positioning the crossbar perpendicularly, and pulling tight. This means you don't have to worry about stubborn necklace clasps. The necklace is made of iron and alloy.

Pendant made of artificial pearl.

52cm-long chain.
Pearl's diameter is 1.6cm.
Secures easily via a crossbar catch.