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Hair bling stamp Girls

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to allow you to swiftly bedazzle and turn your tresses into an eye-catching fairy/princess-inspired sparkling beauty with ease. Each gem shines magically and brightly at any angle and when it gets hit with any light source. Moreover, this hair-styling diamond applicator can be lifted and moved around effortlessly even with your young ladies' little hands. No worries as the adhesive diamond gems are safe for all hair types to ensure that they won’t harm and cause breakage to the locks.


Is the Styling Tool that allows you to instantly add Sparkle to your hair and accessories. 
 Glam Collection is a fashionista’s dream – finally, a styling tool + 225 colorful gems that allow you to add all the BLING you want to your everyday life and create your striking

.                              Whether you’re bringing your hair, fashions, or accessories, these gems stay on all day until you comb them out or peel them off! The adhesive works with all hair types and sticks to most materials. Once the bling is in your hair or added to your fashions, you will want to sparkle everywhere! 

 hair with stunning magical glitz using this magic diamond hair bling styling stamper! 

Sparkle up your tresses or any fancy item in just a stamp with this magic diamond bling-styling stamper!

imply insert the plastic disc with the adhesive hair gems, align it to your hair, then press down to stamp the gem, and continue until you meet your desired style. No more one-by-one messy gluing is needed! Making it an ideal complete hair styling kit for beginners, children, hair stylists, DIYers, fashionistas, and so on.