LED Projector Set

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The Drawing Projector develops creativity and enables your child to express themselves artistically.

It is a fun and easy way to draw! Switch on the projector, insert a slide with drawing patterns, and trace away. Then start outlining and filling in with the original color or choose your preferred colors, making it even more existing for a child.

Children can draw based on the patterns projected by the projector. You can also rotate it by 180 degrees, so the projected image becomes bigger in scale.
The Projector develops color perception, and imagination ability and also increases the child's interest in painting.

There are 4 options to choose from:

Note: All the sliders have different drawing patterns. 96 Pattern Package has the widest variety of patterns. 

24 Patterns

The Drawing Projector has two modes: silent and with music, to keep kids attracted to stay longer.
Recommended for ages three years and up.