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Pet Nail Clipper

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LED Pet Nail Clipper

pet’s nails grow very fast, and often accidentally scratch the owner’s skin, scratch the furniture, hide dirt and cause disease.
This makes us very distressed, so we need to trim our pet's nails frequently.
Slide the LOCK button to unlock or lock.
This pet nail clipper with LED light allows your dog or cat to easily enjoy the manicure process!
Built-in LED light, bright LED light can clearly illuminate the bleeding line, and prevent nail bleeding caused by excessive trimming;
The half-moon-shaped incision design is more suitable for cat/dog nail shapes;
The stainless steel blade prevents rust, and the hardened sharp blade does not crack the
The transparent baffle design prevents broken nails from splashing and can be removed and cleaned more conveniently  
The lightweight pet nail clippers are specially designed for animals such as dogs, cats, and even rabbits. It is comfortable and easy to hold. The half-moon design is more suitable for the shape of pet nails. It is a professional pet nail trimming tool.
This pet nail clipper is suitable for small, medium, and large pets. Suitable for families or pet shops, and pet hospitals. With this pet nail clipper, you can easily trim your pet's nails at home.