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Makeup Sponge

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The sponge was made by the same OEM manufacturer for the Largest Makeup Sponge Brand on the market. From material to process and quality control, our product strictly follows the same quality standards. By adopting low-cost marketing strategies, we are able to pass the savings to our customers and offer them name-brand equivalents at a lower price. Our makeup sponge uses high-density hydrophilic foam. It is super soft and spongy. Its ultra-fine texture allows it to smoothly blend foundation, powder, concealer, and eye shadow for a beautiful flawless finish. It is tested to consume less makeup for maximum coverage. To offer our customers the greatest value, we created this color-assortment value pack. It includes four sponges in different colors, one metal alloy eye roller, and one storage case for your convenience. Brand: ComfiTime Product Specifications: Material: Latex-Free Hydrophilic Foam Color: Orange, Black, Pink, and Purple Sponge Size: