Kimono Robe

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hic and beautifully stitched, our floral satin robes take you back to those girlhood dreams of being a princess decked in flowers.
Of course, as a grown-up, you can appreciate the flattering cut, the photogenic vibrancy of the floral print, and, of course, the affordable price point. And if you want your whole bridal party to feel pretty as the first spring bloom, these robes are perfect as a bridesmaid gift or as a wedding favor.
This bridal robe is the perfect choice to showcase the floral theme at every opportunity. And with a pretty feminine print, it's the perfect floral robe for a girly girl who doesn't want to overdo it.
Maybe you wanted to add some flowers to your wedding theme but opted for a more neutral color palette. This is the perfect opportunity to add the floral designs you wanted to incorporate while keeping the neutral color palette clean and classic.
Its classic cut will flatter most bridesmaids. Plus, this pretty pattern is the perfect meeting point between girly and understated. Girly girls will love it, but it won't overwhelm the more reserved bridesmaids. There's something in these robes for every member of the bridal party, and they'll cherish this gift for years to come.