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Moon Heart Necklace

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This moon heart necklace is a wonderful gift for anyone, including yourself!  After being exposed to sunlight or UV light, the inside heart glows with a beautiful, soothing hue.  
The necklace itself is a beautiful silver that can be worn anytime and with any outfit.  The necklace appears dark in some of the pictures in order to emphasize the color hues.
This Gothic inspired necklace combines a mystical crescent moon with a beautiful glowing heart.
You can almost feel the magic power it possesses as long as you believe in it.
Use it wisely, it may grant wishes, give you strength, warn you of dangers or be a talisman, depending on your character.
And even if you don’t believe in magic, the necklace is simply magnificent.
With its beautiful luminescent stone inside an intricate hollow heart dangling from the pendant, this necklace is unique, making it the perfect gift for a special person.