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Night Anti-dazzle

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Eyes comfort - The car anti-glare visor avoids sun glare stabbed shot to ease eyestrain. This is ideal for people who are more susceptible to glare. The visor relieves eye fatigue and effectively protects the safety of driving under strong light. The car visor filters the armful of light; reducing light pollution caused by eye diseases and protecting visual health.
Premium quality - The car anti-glare visor is made from premium quality thick, very strong, safe, and durable material to give maximum strength and durability for long-lasting usage.
Easy installation - The car anti-glare visor is very quick and easy to install; just clip it onto your overhead visor. You can easily adjust its position. The visors can be adjusted by rotating 180 degrees to accommodate your needs.

Night vision goggles: Scatter the light on the opposite side of the car to make the headlights softer.
Sunglasses: They can effectively block ultraviolet rays and strong light. so that the sun's rays are no longer dazzling.
You can rotate the lens freely. and adjust the lens according to your own angle of view. use it
It is simple and convenient. Easy to install. no need for a traditional elastic band split design.
1. Reduce visual fatigue during long-term driving. If the strong light is estimated to cause eye inflammation. it is easy to cause dazzling eyes. causing eye strain. This anti-vertigo mirror can reduce flash irritation and protect the eyes.
2. The soft sun glare. the reflection of the car body and the beam of the headlight will
Seriously affect their vision. According to the survey. this anti-glare mirror can glare softly.
Improve the clarity of sight. reduce dizziness. protect eyes. and improve
3. Effectively prevent snow blindness. The snow in winter is very hard and it is easy to cause snow blindness. This has great security risks. The glare mirror can block your direct light and give you careful care.
4. Increasing the distance from dusk. foggy people also have hidden safety risks. please do not worry that you have this anti-glare lens.
5. Regardless of the model used. full access can be performed immediately. and can be switched between day and night.