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Paw Print Interactive

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Over the years, you may be one of the many people who has bought an endless amount of lasers that fall apart or die soon after your cat begins to fall them. in love

The cat laser is a fun way to get involved in your kitty's play. It may be time to get Mr. Fluff that stimulation and exercise he needs to work off some of those extra kitty-cat salmon treats you can’t help but spoil him with.

Instead of repurchasing a new laser every time it dies, invest in this high-quality and adorable cat laser. If the battery runs out, you can pop open this pink cat paw laser and replace the batteries for more play.

We pawmise you that nothing will get Mr. Fluff as excited as this little red dot! With our Paw Print Laser cat toy, you will never have to buy another laser toy for your cat again! 

Interactive Laser Toy Includes:
1 High-Quality Cat Laser - 2 Modes Solid & Blinking
Powered by: 2pcs AAA batteries, batteries are not included.
Material: Plastic and silicone.
Colors: White, Black
Cat paw shape soft silicone press button
Cat/Dog exercise toy, the red laser dot will attract yo